Environmental Sustainability

Each year, PostBus Switzerland Ltd transports well over 100 million passengers to their destination safely and on time. The range of services it provides is growing from year to year. As a leader in public bus transport systems management in Switzerland, PostBus is committed to providing its services sustainably. What does this mean for a company with a fleet of over 2,200 – mostly diesel – Postbuses?

PostBus has already taken measures at various levels to reduce fuel consumption. PostBus is also leading the way when it comes to testing new technologies and bringing them on stream. A yellow Volvo parallel hybrid bus has been in operation since April 2010. Back then, it was the first of what is now a widely used and proven type of vehicle in Switzerland. Since December 2011, PostBus has been testing fuel cell technology, the first transport company in public transport in Switzerland to do so. To refuel the fuel cell Postbuses, we built Switzerland’s first hydrogen filling station in Brugg in the canton of Aargau.

PostBus Switzerland Ltd wants to lead by example in this sector and to establish standards where possible. To this end, it has signed up as a full member of the UITP (International Association of Public Transport) Sustainable Development Charter.