Profile of Graubünden

Profile of Graubünden

PostBus Switzerland Ltd has a decentralized organization. Nine PostBus regions are the local points of contact for cantons, municipalities, schools, associations, companies and passengers. The PostBus region of Graubünden, based in Chur, is responsible for the whole canton of Graubünden. PostBus is an important partner in the public transport chain and serves conurbations, tourist regions and remote valley communities. The Postbus connects people with other people and their destinations. It connects different cultural and linguistic regions.


  • Operation of scheduled routes on behalf of the Confederation, cantons and municipalities
  • Ski, sport and local buses on behalf of municipalities, mountain railways and tourism organizations
  • Extra trips for family, company and association excursions
  • Excursions and cultural trips for individual passengers
  • Management services for cantons and other transport companies
    (e.g. quality assurance system for the quality of services, creation of timetables, transport planning)

Key figures (31.12.2014)

  • No. of routes: 113
  • Length of network in km: 1690
  • No. of stops: 1243
  • Annual kilometres travelled in millions: 12.8
  • Passengers in millions: 11.0
  • Passenger kilometres in millions: 99.8
  • No. of vehicles: 304
  • Autonomous company bases: 6
  • PostBus operators: 14