Range of services in Ticino

To keep you on the move, PostBus Ticino offers the following services:

Range of services in Ticino
  • Regional public transport
  • Order business
  • Tourist trips
  • Management & engineering

Regional public transport

PostBus Ticino operates in all seasons and all weathers for passengers and clients. Safety and punctuality are our main priorities. On behalf of the Confederation and canton, PostBus ensures reliable regional public transport on the roads. In contract services in accordance with the Railways Act (EBG), PostBus is an important link in the mobility chain, responsible for regional services in addition to rail transport. PostBus operates 68 routes in Ticino.

Some of the advantages offered by public transport are listed in the brochure "Il Poker d'assi del trasporto pubblico" (the aces of public transport; only available in Italian).

Contract services

PostBus also operates journeys on behalf of municipalities and third parties.  In Ticino, school transport accounts for the majority of these journeys. PostBus Ticino stands for reliability and safety. In addition, PostBus specialists visit school classes to inform them about behaviour on public transport.

PostBus also operates rail replacement services for local rail and bus companies (town bus with five routes in Bellinzona).

Since 2003, PostBus Ticino has been operating night buses between Lugano and the Capriasca region under the name of "Capriasca NightExpress".

Tourist trips

Under the name of PostBus Tourism, PostBus Ticino organizes bus trips in Switzerland and abroad with accommodation, meals and additional services. A brochure is available with information about the extensive annual range of accompanied tours. The advisors at PostBus Ticino will also be pleased to design tailored extra trips, excursions and mobility solutions.

Management & engineering

Further services on request. PostBus Ticino also provides professional advice for regional holiday travel, local connections, school transport and innovative transport systems such as PubliCar.