Bike tour across Alp Flix


A beautiful tour through this sheltered plateau high above the Surses. Alp Flix is enchanting - not only for bikers.

Tips and extras for this offer

  • Parc Ela: protected pleasures
      Parc Ela: protected pleasures Nature

    Parc Ela comprises 600 km2 and the two Albula and Oberhalbstein Alpine valleys (Surses). Here, aims are to preserve the sustainable nature of developments and the culture of the inhabitants. And on the numerous hiking paths that lead through the extensive area, visitors witness how nature and mankind can successfully live in harmony.

  • Julier Pass: and most ancient crossing
      Julier Pass: and most ancient crossing Passes/Mountains

    The Julier Pass connects Engadine with the rest of the canton Graubünden. And ancient ruins bear witness to the great age and significance of this alpine crossing. Today is no different either, and the top of the spectacular mountain pass reveals views of its course along Europe’s Rhein and Donau watershed.

  • Marmorera dam
    Marmorera dam Nature

    The Lai da Marmorera is a dam in Canton Graubünden. The old Marmorera village had to give way to the dam and was rebuilt above the Julier pass road.

  • Savognin
    Savognin Culture/Sightseeing

    The village of Savognin stretches out on both sides of the Julia river and is connected by a romantic medieval bridge. Three imposing churches complete the picture.