St Peter’s Island - Half an island, double the beauty

St Peter’s Island

Strictly speaking, St Peter’s Island is a peninsula rather than an island. But this fact simply makes it even more beautiful. Experience this natural beauty first-hand!

GroupsHiking and nature

Video clip

Filmbeitrag: St. Petersinsel

The film shows how St Peter‘s Island became a peninsula, why the French philosopher Jean Jaques Rousseau was so happy here, and where the Historic Hotel of the Year 2010 is located!


Excursion tip

Le Landeron

Take the train to Le Landeron, Ins or Lüscherz and continue from there by Postbus to “Erlach, Post”. Walk through the town towards the lake and enjoy a hearty but inexpensive meal at the Cabane du Pêcheur (see below). Walk along the Heidenweg towards St Peter’s Island – note the viewing platform and Riedweg. Enjoy the flora and fauna on the island, take a swim, visit the excellent restaurant and stay at the convent hotel (note the “Stop” competition!). Take the boat from the northern end of the island back to Erlach or Biel. You may also wish to travel in the opposite direction.

Route Erlach – St. Petersinsel
Distance 4,7 km
Duration approx. 1 hour

Arrival and return journey by public transport

PostBus stop: Erlach, Post


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