The Castles of the Domleschg


Fortresses and castles, villages and PostBus stops. The variety of hiking possibilities combined with PostBus rides in the Domleschg region seems like paradise to history buffs.

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The fertile Domleschg is a 10 km-long valley extending from Rothenbrunnen to Sils. No other part of Switzerland can boast as many fortresses and castles within such a small area. They are all connected by PostBus, so that you can hike or ride the “Domleschg Castle Road” to your heart’s content. For example, take the PostBus from Thusis to Tomils. The hiking trail starts near Ortenstein Castle, the largest in the Domleschg Valley, and continues to Paspels (ruins of Alt Sins, Paspels Castle) and along Lake Canova to the ruins of Neu Sins, followed by Rietberg Castle, before you reach Fürstenau where the PostBus is waiting to drive you back to the starting point in Thusis.

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Notice: The castles are privately owned (no personal viewings), or run as hotel / restaurant. Castle ruins are generally freely accessible, although sometimes with difficulty. Please note the additional information concerning fortresses and castles via the links.


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