Fascinating birds of prey at Locarno Falconry

Falconry, an ancient form of hunting, originated around 4,000 years ago in the plateaus of the Asian steppes. The Berkutschi, as the falconers there are known, hunted on horseback and caught foxes, hares and even wolves with the help of their eagles.

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Hunting without weapons in the expanse of the steppes was not at all easy. The eagle therefore became the falconer's best friend when hunting animals, whose meat was essential for survival. Caravans brought the art of falconry from Persia to Arabia, where it was perfected. It is still practised today as it was then. Some time later Friedrich II. von Hohenstaufen, the Roman and German Emperor and King of Jerusalem, returned to Europe with extensive knowledge of falconry.

He had learned this art during his long travels in Arabia. The Emperor's great knowledge of natural science produced his work "De Arte Venandi Cum Avibus" (The Art of Hunting with Birds), still considered by experts to be the standard reference today. Learn about the fascinating world of birds of prey at the Locarno Falconry. Experience a flying demonstration in an environment especially suited to the needs of the birds: observe the majestic flight of the eagle, the lightening-fast flight of the falcon and the quiet flight of the eagle owl. The whole experience is accompanied by Spanish dressage riding.

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