Avers Valley–Surses Valley–Bergell Valley

The triangle formed by the Avers, Surses and Bergell valleys has some unusual highlights in store for hikers, such as the three-way water divide on the Lunghin Pass.

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The PostBus ride to Juf seems almost endless. Juf, situated at the very end of the Avers Valley, is the highest altitude year-round settlement in Europe.

It also marks the start of the ascent to Forcellina Pass. At the top of the pass the view opens up to the south and the mountains of the Engadine and Bergell valleys. The trail descends past Leg da Sett to the Septimer Pass and continues to Bivio or to Casaccia in the Bergell Valley. As an alternative, you could hike up to the Lunghin Pass to the three-way water divide between Black Sea, North Sea and Mediterranean Sea. The headwaters of the Inn, Julia and Maira are located in this area. The descent takes you via Lake Lughin to Maloja.


Hiking time:
approx. 4 ½ hours to Bivio
approx. 5 hours to Casaccia
approx. 6 hours to Maloja

Level of difficulty:


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