Central Alps Passes: Grimsel–Nufenen–Gotthard–Susten Pass Route


The Grimsel–Nufenen–Gotthard–Susten Pass Route promises pure Alpine romance! On the 1-day round trip you ascend an overall 8000 meters distance, without changing transport, and enjoy stupendous views over the imposing glacier, deep valleys and romantic little villages.

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  • Airolo: a light at the end of the tunnel
    Airolo: a light at the end of the tunnel Culture/Sightseeing

    Airolo has been the meeting place of different cultures since donkey’s years! And you’re reminded of this by the granite sculpture by the artist Gianfranco Rossi at the southern Gotthard tunnel entrance. Discover a part of Ticino’s culture at the showcase cheese dairy in Airolo – or, better still, enjoy a taste of the specialities at the adjacent restaurant.

  • Aare Gorge
      Aare Gorge Nature

    The "Kirchet" rock barrier was an obstacle since the ice ages. The Aare ultimately overcame it as it carved its way through the gorge which is up to 180 meters deep, 1.4 km long and only one meter wide in some parts.

  • Gotthard Hospiz Hotel
    Gotthard Hospiz Hotel Hotels/Accommodation

    The first known mountain inn was dated 1237, although there are reports about a predecessor built around 620. It was home to Capuchin monks who lived there and took care of travelers until 1841. The group of buildings was made up of a chapel, a goods transfer station, stables, and later followed by a hotel.

  • Grimsel Hospiz Hotel
      Grimsel Hospiz Hotel Hotels/Accommodation

    Near Lake Grimsel, a mountain inn had been built as early as 1142. During the construction of the power plant between the two world wars the inn was burned down and rebuilt on the Nollen. The first electrically heated house in Europe is well worth a visit.

  • Meiringen:  la dolce vita!
      Meiringen: la dolce vita! Culture/Sightseeing

    The meringue owes its name to its birthplace Meiringen. Here, inspired by the white and powdery surrounding summits, a sweet-toothed Italian gave birth to the meringue. And the delicious treat is enjoyed even more in its original birthplace, as you also delight in an equally as enjoyable scenic treat!

  • Sasso San Gottardo
      Sasso San Gottardo Culture/Sightseeing

    Discover the Gotthard legend! Lying deep inside the mountain, the existence of this Swiss Army artillery fortification was, until recently, unknown to the public.

  • Schöllenen Gorge
    Schöllenen Gorge Nature

    People have traveled through the Gotthardreusstal valley since the Bronze Age. The road through the Schöllenen Gorge opened up at the end of the 12th century. The "Spraying Bridge" was later renamed Devil's Bridge, marking another step in the long history of this route.

  • Susten Pass
    Susten Pass Culture/Sightseeing

    Needing access to the Gotthard Pass the canton of Bern began in 1811 with the construction of the "communications strasse" After the Simplon this was the second modern road crossing the Alps. The current road dates from the 1940s. It was designed as a scenic route and carefully integrated into the landscape.

  • Tremola
    Tremola Culture/Sightseeing

    The Tremola is the longest street-monument in Switzerland. She was built round 1830, reconstructed 1951 and is in redevelopement these days.
    At her most spectacular section the street
    climbs on a lenght of four kilometers the 300 meters altitude by 24 turns.

  • Andermatt
    Andermatt Culture/Sightseeing

    Andermatt began to come alive around the middle of the 19th century with the opening of the Gotthard pass road to traffic. Following the opening of the notorious Gotthard Tunnel, Andermatt then primarily developed into a place of military and touristic significance.
    Now, owing to the construction of a huge tourist resort courtesy of an Egyptian investor, Andermatt is expected to once again shine in all its former glory.

  • Devil's Bridge
    Devil's Bridge Culture/Sightseeing

    The rugged Schollenen Canyon, through which a tunnel leads today, was always a difficult place to cross. And according to famous legend, the first bridge to cross it was constructed with the aid of the devil.

  • Gotthard Pass
    Gotthard Pass Passes/Mountains

    The notorious Gotthard Pass, known also as King of passes, represents a symbol of Swiss independence, traversing the Alps at an incredible height of 2,106 meters above sea level. The story behind the pass and Gotthard road is open to all at the National Gotthard Museum.

  • Nufenen Pass
    Nufenen Pass Passes/Mountains

    The Nufenen Pass road first opened in 1969 and represents Switzerland's youngest pass road over the Alps. At a height of 2478 meters above sea level, it's also the highest pass road on Swiss soil!

  • Oberwald
    Oberwald Culture/Sightseeing

    Start of the 1982 completed Furka Tunnel is in Oberwald. And thanks to this opening, the once totally cut-off town developed into a popular tourist resort.
    In particular, Oberwald warms the hearts of cross-country fans.

  • Reichenbach Falls and Sherlock Holmes
      Reichenbach Falls and Sherlock Holmes Nature

    The Reichenbach Falls are made up of seven waterfalls and owe their international fame to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his fictive Sherlock Holmes figure. And of course Sherlock Holmes fell into the turbulent waters together with his sworn enemy on May 4, 1891 following a bitter fight.

  • Rock Crystal on the Grimsel Pass
      Rock Crystal on the Grimsel Pass Nature

    Behind the Raeterichsboden dam wall, on the way over the Grimsel Pass, lays the Raeterichsboden reservoir and artificial lake. And below the dam wall the entrance to underground KWO power plant is discovered - a place where the fascinating world of crystal is also revealed.

  • Stein Glacier
    Stein Glacier Culture/Sightseeing

    Steingletscher - Stein Glacier - is a glacial valley south of the Susten Pass. Below the Stein Lake, fed by the glacial waters, lies the Hotel Steingletcher - a popular excursion point for regional mountain hikes, as well as popular stop for bikers, cyclists and naturally postbuses.

  • Suvorov Memorial
    Suvorov Memorial Culture/Sightseeing

    In 1799, in the surroundings of the Devil's Bridge, triumphant battle for the Russians took place under the commando of General Suvorov against the French. And the erected Suvorov Memorial in Fels serves as reminder of the Russian soldiers who lost their lives in battle.

  • Wassen and its famous church
    Wassen and its famous church Culture/Sightseeing

    The village of Wassen is primarily famous thanks to its very unique little church. And the small church owes its fame to its position in relation to the Gotthard railway. On climbing in height and passing two tunnels, passengers view the little church three times - and strangely enough, first from the right, followed by the left and then on the right again!

  • Gotthardbackpacker, Wassen UR
      Gotthardbackpacker, Wassen UR Hotels/Accommodation

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  • Herberge Hospental, UR
      Herberge Hospental, UR Hotels/Accommodation

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