CarPostal France

During the past ten years, the services of PostBus in France have been continuously expanded. Today, we are present in urban public transport in 8 agglomerations, as well as in 5 regions of the eastern part of the country between Alsace and the Mediterranean. With some 580 vehicles, more than 24 million kilometers are driven each year. Every day, our staff of 1000 employees are dedicated to putting into practice PostBus France’s core values: quality, proximity, and transparency.

On this map of France to see the locations of PostBus in France.

CarPostal France Management

André Burri, Daniel Landolf, Beat Müller, Nathalie Courant

From left to right:

André Burri, President of French companies;

Daniel Landolf, General Manager of PostBus Group;

Beat Mueller, Director of PostBus Group's international market;

Nathalie Courant, General Manager of CarPostal France.