Swiss Post delivered millions of holiday greetings

Press release dated 31.12.2009

The Swiss like to send holiday greetings by post. During the two holiday weeks, Swiss Post processed up to 20 million letters a day. Thanks to the commitment of its employees, it again underlined the quality and efficiency of its letter processing. The Post’s letter sorting centres, which were put into operation in the course of the past three years, are the most modern in the world and have again proved their worth under peak loads.

In Switzerland, a huge number of letters and greeting cards are still mailed during the festive season. Greetings sent by post are still an important factor. At the three state-of-the-art letter centres in Eclépens (Vaud), Härkingen (Solothurn) and Zurich-Mülligen and the six logistics centres in Gossau, Ostermundigen, Basel, Kriens, Geneva and Cadenazzo, just like last year, up to 20 million letters a day were processed in the two holiday weeks. This is around twice the volume processed on normal days. Until spring 2009, cutting edge processing methods were introduced as part of the commissioning of the new letter centres. In December 2009, the new sorting facilities were working at top speed and to the highest quality standards. The high-tech plants came close to their capacity limit.

The letter will not disappear

Showing great commitment, Swiss Post employees accepted, sorted and delivered an unusually large volume of letters, thus meeting customers' requirements and wishes. The letter will not disappear, despite text messages, e-mail and electronic chat forums: in 2009, Swiss Post processed around 2.55 billion addressed letters, thus successfully demonstrating its efficiency once again.