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Facts and figures


The establishment of PostBus commenced in 1849 with the creation of a mail network using horses, the last representative of which is the legendary Gotthard horse-drawn mail coach and still operates on the Gotthard pass route and fascinates many curious onlookers. The first scheduled mail route using vehicles was started between Berne and Detligen in 1906. The network has been increasingly expanded ever since. In 2003, PostBus transported more than 100 million passengers for the first time. The first steps abroad were taken in the Principality of Liechtenstein in 2001 and in Dole (F) in 2004.

In 2011 PostBus rolled out its first fuel cell-powered buses in Brugg (AG). Furthermore, the first stations of the country-wide bike and e-bike self-rental system PubliBike were also opened.


PostBus Switzerland Ltd is an important provider of system management functions in the public transport sector. PostBus intends to grow in international niche markets and in municipal and urban transport and make an additional contribution to the company's results. With the help of clever alliances, PostBus has been making a significant contribution to urban transport and using synergies to its core business – regional passenger transport in Switzerland. With its results-oriented, cooperative approach, PostBus is continuously increasing its productivity and competitiveness, together with the PostBus companies.

Jobs per canton

(Number of full-time equivalents at PostBus Switzerland Ltd incl. PostBus operators)

Canton 31.12.12 Canton 31.12.12 Canton 31.12.12
Aargau 392 Jura 83 Thurgau


Appenzell AR 36 Lucerne 98 Ticino


Appenzell IR   Neuenburg 31 Uri


Basel-Landschaft 73 Nidwalden 30 Vaud


Basel Stadt 40 Obwalden 18 Valais


Berne 459 Schaffhausen 11 Zurich


Freiburg 2 Schwyz 38    
Glarus 6 Solothurn 105    
Graubünden 336 St. Gallen 166    



Key market figures in Switzerland

The steadily growing demand for services has led to an impressive service portfolio for PostBus in Switzerland.

No. of routes


Network length in km


Number of stops


Km per year in millions


Passengers in millions


Passenger km in millions


No. of vehicles



Sales growth for 2008-2013