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Overview of PostBus

With a network covering 12 076 kilometres and 2200 vehicles, PostBus is the country's leading provider of road-based passenger transport. PostBus is constantly raising its profile as a public transport systems leader and is increasing its presence in Swiss cities and conurbations as well as in neighbouring countries.

Key market figures in Switzerland

Key market figures in Switzerland

The steadily growing demand for services has led to an impressive service portfolio for PostBus in Switzerland.

No. of routes


Network length in km

12 076

Number of stops

11 773

Km per year in millions


Passengers in millions


Passenger km in millions


No. of vehicles

2 242



PostBus Factsheet

PostBus is the market leader in public bus transport in Switzerland.

The hallmarks of PostBus – the three-tone horn and the yellow Postbuses – are part of Switzerland’s cultural identity. The PostBus brand embodies reliability, security and trust. Increasingly, it also represents innovative, sustainable public transport. PostBus is a leading provider of system management functionality in public transport.

PostBus Factsheet