From gondola car to PostBus shelter in Triengen

A gondola car from Monte Tamaro in Ticino has been given a second lease of life as a shelter for PostBus passengers in Triengen, Canton of Lucerne.

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From gondola car to PostBus shelter in Triengen

Monte Tamaro is situated between Locarno and Lugano and is a popular destination for excursions. A gondola lift provides visitors with convenient transport from the village of Rivera up the almost 2,000-metre-high mountain. PostBus has acquired two of these Ticino gondola cars from Monte Tamaro SA. Instead of being scrapped due to their age, they were converted into bus shelters for four people. The first of these shelters has been in use in La Brévine, Canton of Neuchâtel since summer 2020 and now protects passengers in Switzerland’s coldest village. In its first few months, it has become a popular and eye-catching waiting area.

The second gondola will now be used in Triengen in Surental, Canton of Lucerne. It will be available as a shelter for passengers at the Triengen, Grund stop following the timetable change on 13 December 2020. Until now, the stop did not have a protective shelter. The purple Ticino gondola has been resprayed, and passengers in Triengen will now see it decorated entirely in Swiss Post yellow. The municipality will handle maintenance duties. Masks must be worn in the shelter. It is not yet known whether there will be any more PostBus shelters of this kind in Switzerland.