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Isenfluh route

In Lauterbrunnen, your journey begins with the Postbus, which takes you on a winding road to the village of Isenfluh. Isenfluh lies on the mountainside high above Lauterbrunnen Valley, and offers magnificent views of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

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View of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. The Isenfluh-Sulwald cable car can be seen in the background.


From Lauterbrunnen, the Isenfluh routeTarget not accessible (route 142) takes you to the idyllic mountain village of Isenfluh⁠. This peaceful mountain village is a must for excursions at any time of the year. The small cable carTarget not accessible takes you from Isenfluh up to Sulwald.

Summer activities

Summer is ideal for hikes in the Saustal valleyTarget not accessible, from Suls to the Lobhornhütte mountain cabinTarget not accessible and to SaxetenTarget not accessible. For sports enthusiasts, there are climbing tours on the Lobhörner peaks and mountain hikes to the Schilthorn and into the Kiental valley.At weekends you can take the Monster Trotti scootersTarget not accessible from Sulwald back to Isenfluh. 

Winter activities

In winter, the unspoilt snowy landscape is the perfect spot for snowshoeTarget not accessible and ski tours. You can take the route from Sulwald to Isenfluh by sledgeTarget not accessible.

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Timetable Isenfluh route (route 142)

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  • Runs daily
  • Minibus: limited number of spaces
  • Bicycle transport: No transport option

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