Your excursion to Saas-Fee/Saastal

Welcome to the Adventure Destination Saas-Fee/Saastal – your high Alpine retreat in Valais starts here! Surrounded by 18 four-thousand-metre peaks, a unique mountain and glacial landscape filled with adventure awaits you.

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Feeding marmots in Saas-Fee

See the marmots

Once you arrive in Saas-Fee, you can buy marmot feed from the tourist office and walk to the Spielboden valley station in around 10 minutes. The modern cable car will transport you to Spielboden (2,448 metres above sea level), where you can feed the tame marmots. Tip: Get in one of the marmot gondolas. At Spielboden, you can set off on the 45-minute circular trail with Marmot Eddie and learn exciting facts about the life of marmots on 7 information boards. An unforgettable experience!

Forest trail from Saas-Fee to Saas-Almagell

Back at the Saas-Fee valley station, you can walk south along the beautiful, wide forest trail for about 45 minutes, until you reach the neighbouring village of Saas-Almagell. At the home of world-class ski racer Pirmin Zurbriggen, old barns, a peaceful atmosphere and a duck pond invite you to linger a while and explore. The village is also renowned for its flowers.

Mattmark Dam Reservoir

You then continue your journey by taking the Postbus to the Mattmark Dam Reservoir, the biggest earth dam in Europe. You can hike and bike around the reservoir, or simply walk along the top of the dam. Most of the route travels along the edge of the reservoir, and it is even wheelchair accessible along the western side. For more details, you can check the information boards along the top of the dam and in the exhibition in the Mattmark restaurant.

The Saas Valley also offers numerous delights in summer. Whether it's four-thousand-metre peaks, via ferratas, hiking trails or bike routes, adventure-seekers get their money's worth here. For those who want to take it a little easier, the region offers a comprehensive programme: sunshine, an impressive mountain and glacier landscape, wellness offers and culinary delights.Benefit from supersaver tickets on this route.

Tip: From your first night, you will receive the SaastalCard, which allows you to use cable cars and the postbus in the Saas Valley free of charge during your stay!

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Other activities in the Saas Valley


On the “Allalin” foxtrail, you and your team will follow in the footsteps of legendary priest Imseng in Saas-Fee and Saas-Grund. To uncover his secrets, teams must search his historic home for clues, elicit important information from marmots and climb up high. An exclusive ride in an electric car keeps participants on their toes and makes for an unforgettable experience! What’s more, a Postbus will transport you from Saas-Grund to Saas-Fee during the foxtrail.


Whether leisurely hiking or high alpine tours: Saas-Fee/Saastal is a diverse outdoor paradise and offers something for every taste. 350 kilometres of hiking trails constantly open up new perspectives on the 18 four-thousand-metre-high Alpine hiking trails in Saas.


The Saas Valley is an absolute insider tip on the mountain bike scene. On 80 kilometres of well-signposted trails, you too will find your favourite route, whether easy or challenging. Every trail offers a new or end at glacial lakes - so cooling off is guaranteed.

Timetable and ticket purchases
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The hike
Around the Mattmark Dam Reservoir


2 hrs 15 mins

Difficulty level



8 km

Altitude difference

46 m uphill / 63 m downhill

Starting point

PostBus stop: Mattmark


PostBus stop: Mattmark

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