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Hulftegg is no longer the terminal station

From Toggenburg via Hulftegg to the Töss Valley. Postbuses will be operating on this stretch for the first time. Services on the extension of the existing route 766 from Hulftegg to Steg will run at weekends between May and October.

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A Postbus in front of the Hulftegg restaurant
The Postbus continues from Hulftegg to Steg ZH.

Hulftegg is a well-known and popular destination for excursions, attracting large numbers of visitors at weekends, especially during the warmer months. They visit the restaurant and use Hulftegg as the starting or finishing point for hikes. Day trips to the Hörnli, Schnebelhorn and Chrüzegg start here. Until now, regular public transport services to Hulftegg were available only from Toggenburg. The vintage bus operated by the Zurich Oberland Steam Railway Association (DVZO) ran from the Töss Valley on selected Sundays. But that will change from this summer season: thanks to the extension of PostBus route 766, Hulftegg can now also be reached via regular public transport services from the Töss Valley for the first time.

Services every two hours

PostBus is extending route 766 from Bütschwil to Steg ZH in the Töss Valley on weekends between May and October. Postbuses will run six times a day, every two hours in both directions. In both Toggenburg and the Töss Valley, there are seamless connections from the train to the Postbus: in Steg, from the S26 from Winterthur and Rüti ZH; and in Bütschwil, from the S9 from Wil and Wattwil. Zone tickets in the Ostwind and Z-Pass fare networks, GA Travelcards and Half Fare Travelcards are valid for the journey. The summer season runs from 6 May to 29 October 2023. Reservations for travelling to Hulftegg, which have been mandatory until now, will apply only during the week and in the winter season.

Vintage Postbus as an alternative

Hulftegg can also be reached by vintage Postbus from Bauma–Steg. This service runs on two Sundays a month from May to August and on every Sunday in September and October. The DVZO operates the vintage bus service to supplement the steam railway in the Töss Valley. Bus alpin also advertises these services on its website. Bus alpin is supporting the DVZO with the development of the service in order to make the region accessible to hikers. A special tariff applies on the vintage Postbuses: GA Travelcards, Half Fare Travelcards and tickets for the Z-Pass and Ostwind fare networks are not valid.

First journey completed

On an inaugural journey on Tuesday, 2 May 2023, a Postbus ran for the first time on the entire route from Bütschwil to Steg and back, accompanied from Steg by a vintage DVZO Postbus, which had started out in Bauma. Representatives from the municipalities of Fischenthal and Mosnang, the DVZO and PostBus gave short speeches on the Hulftegg, expressing their delight at the new service.


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