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Jean-Daniel Quidort; PostBus Driver

Jean-Daniel teaches his students to drive the Postbus with pride and passion. “PostBus drivers carry on a great tradition. They’ve always contributed to the good reputation and high quality of the Swiss public transport system.”

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Jean-Daniel Quidort; PostBus driving instructor

Jean-Daniel trains around 20 drivers a year in Yverdon. He particularly enjoys being able to actively pass on his knowledge and passion for driving Postbuses. It is also always interesting to be able to observe and accompany each student in their development. The training programme usually takes one year and is divided into several modules and exams. The preconditions for an apprenticeship are that pupils must be at least 21 years old and hold a category B (minimum two years) or C (minimum three months) driving licence. The practical part involves driving a standard 12-metre Postbus. As with a normal training vehicle, we of course have double steering for safety.

First, the trainee drivers learn the theory for the coach D theory test, and then they get behind the wheel to learn how to drive. The driving school also includes safety checks, safety training and general technical knowledge about the Postbus, such as the engine and braking system. The most difficult thing at the beginning is the changeover in size from driving a car to a 12-metre vehicle. The dimensions of a Postbus are very different, and the first few kilometres on the road are difficult for the pupils.

Jean-Daniel outside work

I’m 55 years old and live in Saint-Aubin-Sauges in the Canton of Neuchâtel. I have several passions, including sports: in summer, I do a lot of mountain biking and mountain climbing, and in winter, I do a lot of ski trips and discover beautiful peaks. I’m also a tour leader and organize glacier mountain tours in winter and summer for the Neuchâtel section of the Swiss Alpine Club. During the summer months, I also go travelling in my motorhome – I love discovering new regions. And when I get the chance, I like to ride my motorbike.

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