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On the road to success with the Drüüklang beer

At Stefan Stutz from Oberlunkhofen, PostBus is also becoming a cult brand in the food and beverage industry. The manager of a PostBus company first founded the Drükling brewery, and in the spring he will open a bar in a former PostBus garage.

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Stefan Stutz with a chorus of beer

Turn signals, V-belts, brake lights, high beam headlights, accelerator pedal, compressor and night bus: these are the names of the beers produced by the company Drüklund Bräu in Oberlunkhofen in the canton of Aargau. The logo on the label is reminiscent of a Saurer snout Postbus. Stefan Stutz founded the brewery in 2016 and in 2022, his “blinker” won two Swiss beer prizes.

Growing up with Postbuses

Stefan and his brother Patrick run his father’s PostBus company, Rolf Stutz. This inspired him and his friends to bring their own beer to market in line with the cult of PostBus. After only a short time, the demand for the Düdüklung beer from Oberlunkhofen was so strong that the company was able to grow. Today, it brews up to 15,000 litres per year. “As a PostBus company, we enjoy a certain level of recognition in the Reusstal valley. And with our beer brand, we also appeal to many car, technology and PostBus enthusiasts outside the region,” says Stefan Stutz.

Retro design

PU Stutz operates 17 PostBus routes in the border area between Aargau and Zurich. The Postbuses have been operating in Jonen since 2001. The former garage in Oberlunkhofen has since served as a delivery point for vintage cars and has inspired the busy employee survey manager Stefan Stutz to come up with new ideas. In spring 2023, he and his partners will open a restaurant with 40 seats, where they will be able to enjoy dry-sounding beer from the tap and simple dishes. Vintage cars, a jukebox and the still-present smell of PostBus engines should create the appropriate retro atmosphere on Fridays.

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Stefan Stutz in the brewery
This garage will become a bar in 2023
Two bottles of dry-chilled beer


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