PostBus in Western Switzerland is launching its new Urban campaign

For many years now, PostBus has been synonymous with Switzerland, with its mountains and winding roads, and the sound of the famous “Toot-to-tooot” horn. But PostBus isn’t just about excursions. With more than 1,000 routes in Western Switzerland, PostBus is the number 1 public transport operator on the road.

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Giving our image a shot of dynamism

As we all know, a brand’s image and how it is perceived by customers is critical. A positive brand image that is trustworthy and that also knows how to reinvent itself without losing its DNA attracts its customers and potential customers. At PostBus, we think it’s important now to bring more dynamism and modernity to our brand image, and to boost it by getting closer to our passengers in Western Switzerland.

We were looking for something that all of our passengers have in common – something trendy, fun and surprising… sneakers!

Why sneakers?

By focusing on sneakers, we’re connecting with everyone. Whether it’s a businessman wearing chic white sneakers, a fashionista in a dress with her sneakers, a sports enthusiast wearing his comfy sneakers, or a group of friends on a big night out with their best pair of sneakers. Everyone wears sneakers and all of us can relate to this essential fashion item, now more than ever!

The topic has been chosen, the new PostBus campaign has been drawn up.... we’re finally “ready to roll”!

Surprising our passengers

What better way to start a project than to get people talking about us. We chose to surprise our passengers by transforming two bus stops (one in Conthey in Valais and the second in Montpreveyres in Jorat, Canton of Vaud) into giant shoeboxes. It’ll be a guaranteed surprise!

The Urban campaign

We want to use this campaign raise awareness among users for public transport in their daily activities: shopping in the city, going to work, playing their favourite sport or going out in the evening. You can take public transport in all these cases. Since sneakers are a fashion item, and something that we care about and pay attention to, we chose the slogan "Wear out our tyres, not your sneakers". In other words, take public transport, and look after your shoes. Of course, we’re not saying that you shouldn’t walk, but that you can combine the two easily in your daily routine.

Summer events

This summer, we’ll be rolling out “Yellow Challenge” events focusing on urban dance. It’s an artistic world where no-one is expecting us, and which ties in with our aim to make PostBus more urban, more modern and more fun, but also closer to those who travel with us!

We’re teaming up with stars from the world of urban dance and will be putting on shows in different cities in Western Switzerland. During the mornings, there’ll be dance demos and sessions for kids, then various dance-related games, and finally mini-battles in teams...all backed by DJ sounds. It’ll be a fun day for families and friends.

Innovation to support promotion

To promote this new urban universe, PostBus has joined forces with three partners – Wave Studio, the advertising agency Spool and the agency – to create a new way of boosting the campaign by reproducing the acoustic universe of dance battles. A binaural audio clip will immerse listeners in that world and offer them a unique experience.

Put on your smartphone earphones or headset, click on the link and close your eyes!

Hear the sound of trainers squeaking on the floor, fingers snapping in time with the music and shouts of joy and encouragement. Live in the moment as if you were one of the dancers.

The binaural audio creates soundscapes in your mind that combine the power of acoustics with your imagination, conveying a storyline to you as when you read text in a book. You then invent the places, the characters and the atmospheres of this extraordinary experience. The use of binaural audio allows emotional events to be experienced, just like in augmented reality.

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