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Du-Da-Do the TV star

The post horn is turning 100. The three-tone “Du-Da-Do” is a part of Switzerland and can be heard again and again in television, video and music productions. Our vintage video is brimming with nostalgia.

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Video with historic excerpts on interpretations relating to the post horn in german.

To mark the anniversary celebrating “100 years of Du-Da-Do” in 2024, we have dug deep into our video and sound archives and made a number of discoveries. Including: “Hopp de Bäse”, – a popular Swiss-German show broadcast by SRF that devoted itself entirely to Swiss traditions. In 2006, the 100th anniversary of PostBus was broadcast live from Interlaken.The “PostBus musicians of Graubünden”, a folk ensemble made up of PostBus staff, performed “Dü-Da-Do Postauto” (Du-Da-Do Postbus). The three-tone horn also rang out in 2015 in front of the Milan Cathedral, played by 420 alphorn musicians. Astonishingly, this occurred during an event marking 500 years since the Battle of Marignano.

This and other nuggets of musical nostalgia can be found in our short vintage video, compiled by PostBus mediamatics specialist Lara Keller.

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