PostBus advertising platforms

PostBus offers effective combinations of the most important analogue and digital channels for addressing your target group before, during and after the journey so that your services reach interested customers.

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Overview of the most important channels

  • Advertising space on-board and outside the vehicle


  • Screen advertising aboard the Postbus


  • WiFi landing page


  • PostBus newsletter


The main advantages for you

  • Your advertising benefits from visibility and a certain exclusivity.
  • Advertising on-board or on the outside of Postbuses is in a large format and enjoys a high level of attention among various customer segments.
  • With the optimal visualization, your advertising message becomes an eye-catcher.
  • Public transport advertising is actively consumed and triggers purchase decisions.

Get on board!

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On-board and exterior advertising spaces

Two Postbuses intersect at a stop in front of a skyscraper.

Vehicle advertising

External and on-board advertising

PostBus is the market leader in public bus transport. With us, you can

  • advertise with around 2,300 Postbuses
  • on over 990 PostBus routes
  • Postbus takes 135 million passengers a year safely to their destinations.
  • PostBus carries 370,000 passengers each day.

External advertising media

Rear bicycle rack

  • Full rear
  • Partial rear window
  • Partial rear bodywork

Advertising in various formats on the side of a vehicle

Roof advertising

4–8 m long advertising format on the sides of the vehicle roofs

Full-body design


  • Vast reach
  • High level of attention
  • Optimal visualization
  • Can be used for local advertising
  • Effective platforms for long-term advertising

On-board advertising media

Cardboard displays with/without dispensers

Transparent window decals


  • Vast reach
  • High level of attention
  • Potential for interaction with passengers
  • Can be used for local advertising and deployed at short notice

For PostBus and the Zurich Transport Network (ZVV):

APG/SGA Allgemeine Plakatgesellschaft AG

For the Zurich Transport Network (ZVV):

M+S Traffic GmbH, Maurer + Salzmann 

Screen advertising aboard the Postbus

Two screens can be seen inside a Postbus. One screen shows the stops on this line and the other shows advertising.

Eye-catching, up-to-date and close to customers

You can advertise on around 2,000 screens in Postbuses throughout Switzerland. 404,500 daily range, >2.8 million per week (ZVV region, cities of Basel and Geneva not covered). On average, passengers spend 13 minutes on a Postbus. 


  • High profile
  • Flexible, can be booked at short notice
  • Deployment can be timed
  • Targeted deployment in certain regions/on certain routes
  • Close to the customer
  • Still or animated image (no sound)

Detailed information and bookings

Livesystems dooh AG

Telefon: 0840 000 008

WiFi in Postbuses

A passenger surfs the PostBus WiFi on his mobile phone.

Young and dynamic

PostBus offers your passengers free WiFi aboard some 1,800 Postbuses across Switzerland. 

Reach your target group on mobile with prominent banner advertising. PostBus WiFi is marketed by SBB Digital Advertising. Take advantage of the opportunity to bundle your advertising with the SBB platforms to reach passengers via other digital channels along the entire travel chain. 


  • 150,000 potential exposures a week
  • Geo-targeting to individual regions available
  • 70% of users are between 18 and 34 years of age
  • 60% of users are female
  • Compelling packages with SBB digital platforms

Detailed information and bookings

SBB AG, Digital Advertising

PostBus newsletter

PostBus newsletter preview

Generate needs

By advertising in the PostBus newsletter, you’ll reach a wide audience. 

The PostBus newsletter contains tips for excursions, information on public transport as well as offers and attractive competitions from PostBus and partner companies. Take advantage of interesting packages with SBB’s digital platformsTarget not accessible.


Every month, our newsletter provides information and inspiration, with exciting leisure offers, practical travel and savings tips, and attractive competitions.

Rich Content Section


  • Over 200,000 contact opportunities per mailing (distribution: 71% DE, 22% FR, 7% IT)
  • Affinity with leisure, hiking, outdoor, excursions, travel, gastronomy and wellness
  • Languages: DE, FR, IT
  • Language-based targeting available
  • Average click rate of around 4%
  • Low cancellation rate
  • Compelling packages with SBB digital platforms

Detailed information and bookings

SBB AG, Digital Advertising

Rich Content Section