Ämtlerweg hiking trail in Knonaueramt

Hiking in the Säuliamt district

Start with a refreshing swim in Lake Türler followed by a visit to the monastery in Kappel, and round it off with impressive panoramic views across the Alps. The Ämtlerweg trail is Zurich Knonaueramt at its very best.

Another section of the Ämtlerweg trail takes you from Hausen am Albis to Knonau in just under 17 kilometres. In good weather, you can start off the day with a refreshing dip in Lake Türler. The hike then takes you to Kappel monastery. The church and cloisters were built in the 12th century, whereas the Klostercafé is a newer addition. A visit is well worthwhile, as is a break in the café! Via Ober-Rifferswil, you take the well signposted Ämtlerweg to Knonau, which you can reach in around four and a half hours by foot. Check in advance whether the Besenbeiz restaurant at Hof Sternen Mettmenstetten is open. Taking a break here is also recommended!

The Ämtlerweg spans a total of 46 kilometres and takes you on a round trip from Bonstetten via Affoltern to Albis, Mettmenstetten and Ottenbach and back to Bonstetten. 22 information boards tell you about the history and development of the Säuliamt district. The panoramic views of the entire Alpine range from Central to Eastern Switzerland are particularly impressive.

Journey Details

Duration 4 hours 30 min
Difficulty medium
Distance 16.7 Kilometres
Altitude difference 135 Metres
Arrival Postbus route 236 to Hausen am Albis, Türlersee
Return travel From Knonau, Bahnhof

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Timetable / travel information

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With the S2, S8 or S24 to Wiedikon. Continue with bus 236 to “Hausen am Albis, Türlersee”


Take the S2, S8 or S24 as far as Thalwil. From here, take bus 240 to “Hausen am Albis, Riedmatt” and then bus 236 to “Hausen am Albis, Türlersee”


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Kloster Kappel
Kappelerhof 5
8926 Kappel am Albis