Aemtlerweg hiking trail in Knonaueramt

Hiking in the Säuliamt district

The history of this region, known as Säuliamt, can be explored on the 46-km “Ämtlerweg” path. In addition to a lot of background information, the walk offers fantastic panoramic views ranging from the Glarus Alps to Mt. Pilatus.

Start with a refreshing swim in Lake Türler before you walk to Knonau via Kappel am Albis. This section of the 46-km “Ämtlerweg” offers much background information and amazing views of the Glarus Alps.

The former monastery in Kappel was built in the 12th century. A visit to the church and the cloister is highly recommended, followed, perhaps, by a snack at the café.

The path continues across wide-open fields to Ober-Rifferswil. If you’re lucky, the seasonal wine tavern at the Sternen farm is open. Hikers are raving about this place. From there it’s not far to the Knonau railway station.

Duration 4 hours 30 min
Difficulty medium
Distance 16.7 Kilometres
Altitude difference 135 Metres
Arrival Postbus route 236 to Hausen am Albis, Türlersee
Return travel From Knonau, railway station

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With the S2, S8 or S24 to Wiedikon. Continue with bus 236 to “Hausen am Albis, Türlersee” or take the S2, S8 or S24 as far as Thalwil. From here, take bus 240 to “Hausen am Albis, Riedmatt” and then bus 236 to “Hausen am Albis, Türlersee” 


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