The “Bärgmandli” trail around Giswilerstock mountain

The canton of Obwalden’s world of sagas

Enjoy an intriguing circular hiking tour around Giswilerstock mountain. The Bärgmandli trail takes 5 hours to walk. During the hike, around 20 different sites allow you to discover new things about Obwalden legends.

Wonderful far-reaching and close-up sights are enjoyed on this circular trail. Looking south you see the Haslital valley, behind which the Bernese Alps and Wetterhorn group, the Mariental valley with imposing Schrattenfluh to the west; a glimpse north reveals the Ried Alps bordered by the Pilatus and the popular Sarneraatal valley to the east. And closer to you, you spot alpine catering establishments ready to welcome you with good home cooking and regional dishes. For hardened hikers, a short detour to the Giswilerstock summit cross is a rewarding experience as well.

Furthermore, this story-rich region focuses on the so-called Bärgmandli (mountain dwarves). With most of the path leading through a game conservation area, those with a keen eye can spot chamois, deer and even golden eagles. During spring in the mountains the circular trail also presents a splendid cross-section of our Alpine flora.

Distributed along the route, hikers will find 20 interesting sites and objects which all refer to the saga world, to historical events, geology, folklore, or flora and fauna. The different stories are presented in a special brochure. The hiking trail is marked as no. 576 of Switzerland Mobility.

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Timetable 60.241 Sörenberg–Glaubenbielen, Parkplatz
Timetable 60.363 Glaubenbielen, Parkplatz–Giswil

Route 241 runs all year round.
Route 363 does not run all year round.
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Bärgmandlipfad Giswil : Numer 576

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