5-Lakes-Hike, Pizol (SG)

Grand panoramic views of Alpine nature

The 5-Lakes-Hike in Pizol is considered one of Switzerland’s most beautiful panoramic hikes. Leading past crystal-clear mountain lakes and the Pizol Glacier, this scenic hike takes you on a journey through a matchless Alpine landscape. The pleasure-packed hike commences at the Wangersee lake by the Pizolhütte mountain station at 2,227-meter altitude and takes between 4 and 5 hours. 


From Bahnhof Bad Ragaz the local bus conveniently takes you to the valley station of the Pizolbahn rail. From there, the ride continues by gondola and chairlift up to Laufböden. The panoramic highland trail (Panorama Höhenweg) leads to the Pizolhütte mountain station at 2,227-meter altitude; from where the 5-Lakes-Hike commences. 

5-Lakes-Hike route

The approximately 1 hour ascent to the Wildseelücke takes you to a spot where you have some great panoramic views over Eastern Switzerland, Graubünden and the Austrian Alps - and later behind the Wildseelücke (2,493 m above sea level), the Wildsee lake appears. Fascinating here is the view of the Pizol glacier, which lies at the foot of the Pizol summit and Graue Hörner.

A short descent to the Schottensee lake then follows, before the path once again presents a gentle climb. By the Schwarzplangg crossing views then extend back over the Pizol glacier, to the Ringelspitz, Piz Sardona, Clariden and Glärnisch. The descent that follows leads to the Schwarzsee lake (2,368 m above sea level), where ibex, chamois and sometimes even eagles can be observed. Continuing on the downhill path, you pass the fabled Steinmannlis as you make your way via the eastern flank of the Gamidaur to the fifth and final lake; namely the Baschalvasee (2,174 m above sea level). The descent to the Gaffia station then follows from here. By chairlift and gondola rail you’re able to make your way directly to Mels - or you enjoy a mountain ride back to the Pizollhütte and then via Laufböden/Pardiel back to the starting point, Bad Ragaz. Cosy mountain inns spotted at the beginning and end of this route invite you to linger too! 

Besides other theme and hiking trails, the Heidi trail, suitable for both wheelchairs and prams, and diverse biking and climbing routes invite you to sporting activity on the Pizol. Not forgetting the mountain in the St. Gallen Oberland, which is a popular take-off point for paragliding. 

Combining the 5-Lakes-Hike or a leisurely stroll along the Heidi trail with a visit to Tamina thermal baths in Bad Ragaz to round up the day 
is a refreshing idea too. On enquiring at the cash desk of the valley station you’ll see that there are some very attractive all-inclusive offers as well! 

Fishing in the mountain lakes

The 5 Wangersee, Wildsee, Schottensee, Schwarzsee and Baschalvasee lakes, which you get to see on this scenic hike, also present the habitat of diverse species of fish (Namaycush, trout and lake trout) - and fishing licences are available at the valley station in both Bad Ragaz and Wangs. Additional information

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