Adventure Langis

An enchanting winter paradise

A breathtaking snow-covered winter landscape awaits you in Langis. The cross-country ski runs and winter hiking trails are ideal for leisure passengers and excursionists.

Discover the enchanting variety of nature on the various winter hiking trails or test your skills on the cross-country ski trail. Perhaps you will discover a wild animal on your walk, and if not, the irresistible panorama remains: the winter landscape of the dreamy high valley at 1444 m a.s.l. If action is needed in between, the glistening snow invites you to enjoy a little snowball fight.

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PostBus timetable for route 344 Sarnen–Stalden–Langis

Route not open all year

Special comments
as far as Langis, open from 18.12.2021 until 10.4.2022


Reservations for individual travelers (1-9 persons) are not accepted. Reservations are required for groups of 10 or more. 

Bicycle transport

No bicycle transport facilities in / outside of the vehicle during the winter season!

Wheelchair accessibility

Wheelchair access to the postbus guaranteed

ATTENTION: Not all routes, manual wheelchairs only -Tel. 0848 100 222

Special comments
Transport of manual wheelchairs guaranteed. Reservations are a must! Tel. 0848 100 222

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