Via the Albis Pass

Thalwil–Langnau-Gattikon–Hausen am Albis

Travel from Thalwil over the Albis Pass to Hausen am Albis in 30 minutes by Postbus. Or break up the journey by exploring the Langenberg Wildlife Park or the Sihlwald Nature Discovery Park and admiring the sublime view from Albis over Lake Zurich. It’s well worth stopping off along the way:

At the Langenberg Wildlife Park (Postbus stop: Langnau a.A., Schwerzi, Wildpark) you can discover and watch indigenous and once native wild animals, such as lynxes, wolves and bison.

The Sihlwald Nature Discovery Park (stop: Langnau a.A., Albispasshöhe) is the largest untouched mixed deciduous forest in Central Switzerland and is renowned for its pristine nature.

The visitor center – with a nature museum, shop, restaurant and wilderness playground – is located in Sihlwald and is a 90-minute hike from the Langnau a.A. Albispasshöhe stop.

On the forest adventure trail in Sihlwald you’ll encounter a forest xylophone which tells you the age of the trees while you can also communicate with the wooden giants via a tree phone. Enjoy the magical idyll of the Langmoos forest moor on a footbridge over water.

Via the Albis Pass, you’ll then finally reach Hausen am Albis. From here the Ämtlerweg hiking trail passes through the Affoltern district. The unique nature conservation areas, the former monastery in Kappel am Albis and Knonau Castle can all be explored.

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Route 240: Thalwil–Langnau-Gattikon–Hausen a.A. (travel duration 30 minutes)


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