Alp Flix – a treasure trove of biodiversity

Walks Bivio–Rona

Located on a high plateau around 2,000 metres above sea level, this moorland is an area of outstanding beauty and national importance.

10,000 years ago, the area was covered in an ice sheet 1,000 metres thick, which shaped hills and hollows. Now, it is home to a huge variety of different species and is surrounded by magnificent mountain scenery. In 2001, scientists discovered over 2,092 different species in an area of six square kilometers in just 24 hours.

Research trail

The Alp Flix research trail opens the door to this unique world of plants and animals. «Professor Fix» takes children and their families on a journey into a world of flowers, plants and living organisms. Armed with a research kit, children can become researchers for a day. They can search for signs of biodiversity, make copies of animal tracks in plaster of Paris, build a water wheel and solve tricky challenges. The kit is available at tourist information offices and other sales outlets across Parc Ela.

Easy access in summer

Take the Postbus to Sur, then catch the Bus Alpin to Alp Flix and back. This connection is available daily in the peak season, and every Saturday and Sunday in the off-peak season. You can find the Bus Alpin timetable in the additional links in the right-hand column.


From Bivio, there is a marked footpath that goes through Natons to Gruba.  From the village of Marmorera (1,708m), you can stroll up through the airy larch forest to Gruba (1,855m). On the way, you will catch many glimpses of the mysterious Lake Marmorera. The path then continues on to Salategnas (1,976m) and Tigias (1,975m). It reveals more views on its way to the Lais da Flix (1,960m), with a stunning vista that includes the Piz Platta (3,392m), also known as the Graubünden Matterhorn. The research trail begins at Lais da Flix, also known as Lais Blos. This area is ideal for a picnic or a quick dip in the cool refreshing lake.

The route back to Sur takes you over Lai Neir (1,938m). Alternatively, you can follow the path signposted to Rona and Plang da Crousch – one of the most magnificent viewpoints in Surses. A forest path takes you down to Ruegna and Rona (1,408m).

Walking time

Marmorera village–Alp Flix–Sur:
approx. 3.5 hrs (ascent 445m, descent 600m); approx. 4 hours from Bivio

Marmorera village–Alp Flix–Rona:
approx. 3.5 hrs (ascent 445m, descent 500m); approx. 4 hours from Bivio

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