Archeological park Tremona-Castello

A visit to medieval times

Stroll through the remains of the medieval village and immerse yourself in the daily life of this period. Thanks to augmented reality, you will be able to enjoy a unique experience.

The particular location of the heart of the village, at the foot of the Sant'Agata promontory, in a privileged and sunny position, has certainly been favourable to the development of the village over the centuries. The archeological park has been created from the remains of the buildings discovered and offers, thanks to a route animated by illustrative panels in two languages (Italian and English), a detailed reconstruction of the history and daily life of the medieval rural village.

Moreover, thanks to technology, the outing is transformed into a journey through time. With the help of 3D glasses available for rent at the Infopoint at the entrance, it is possible to enter the houses and explore the daily life at the settlement. A total of ten stages of reconstructed everyday life represent the activities in the castrum (village), such as life in the houses or at the blacksmith's workshop.

The archeological park, which extends over the hills in the Castello area, can be reached in just a few minutes' walk along the well-marked route from the PostBus stop "Tremona, Gurnaga".

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