Land blessed by famous artists

Arogno is a very large municipality that extends from the shores of Lake Lugano to Monte Sighignola on one side and to the ridge of Monte Generoso and the border with Italy on the other. Thanks to its strategic position, this area was already inhabited in prehistoric times. Countless testimonies tell of a glorious past. 

The remains of ancient villages and a necropolis testify that the territory of Arogno was already inhabited in prehistoric times. Due to its strategic position along a transit route that connected the county of Seprio (between the provinces of Como and Varese) and the island of Comacina (on Lake Como), Arogno became a fortified garrison. 

Today the village can be easily reached by postbus from Capolago via Rovio, a beautiful place that has been able to enhance its historical and architectural heritage (bus stop "Rovio, Paese"). In Arogno (bus stop "Arogno, Paese") the scenery is especially pretty: the village centre is set in a unique atmosphere on a terrace protected by the surrounding hills. Besides the prehistoric and Roman findings, the village has always been a fertile ground for famous families of artists such as the Artaria, the Colombo and above all for Adam of Arogno, famous for his works in the Cathedral of Trento. In the Middle Ages and in the following centuries, many families of artists from Arogno emigrated to the whole of Europe, but this did not prevent them from embellishing their home town, as can be seen, for example, in the houses around the Valécc and Fróo squares.

From Arogno you can undertake various hikes. There are easy walks such as to the hamlet of Pugerna, which also has beautiful terraces (about 45 minutes), or to Caprino (one hour's walk). Numerous options for more demanding hiking tours are on offer as well, for example to Monte Sighignola (two and a half hours) or Monte Generoso (about four hours).

Hikes from Arogno Duration
Monte Generoso 4 hrs
Pugerna 45 mins
Caprino 1 hr
Monte Sighignola 2.5 hrs

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