Arosio: the “Chestnut path

Steeped in nature and tradition

The Alto Malcantone region is distinguished for its magnificent chestnut tree woods. Some of them can be explored by following the “Chestnut path”, an invigorating hike with lots of panoramic viewpoints.

The dense vegetation of Malcantone – which mainly consists of chestnut tree woods and birch forests – has many trails which cross the undulating landscape, some easy and others more challenging. Arosio is the starting point for the “Chestnut path”, an easy hike dedicated to this treasured fruit tree which, over the centuries, has fed entire generations who knew how to get the best harvest from it using ingenious methods. The trail begins at the “Arosio, Paese” stop. The path winds it way through around 15 kilometres on a circular route through the area’s magnificent forests. The seven educational/thematic stations provide lots of fascinating insights and information about chestnut trees in general as well as how they are cultivated and worked and about the use of the wood and derivative products. Along the trail – which takes around four and a half hours – there are lots of panoramic viewpoints from where visitors can admire the region’s beauty and even see as far as Monte Rosa on clear days.

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