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Sculpture Park

Since 2000, this former Benedictine monastery and place of worship has become one of the most popular places for contemporary sculpture in Europe. Paths and trails lead off into the unspoilt Jura landscape, introducing visitors to works of art and creating a dialogue with the natural world in every case. A Romanesque monastery church is located at the heart of the site and includes a gallery for alternating exhibitions.

International and Swiss artists are creating sculptures befitting the meadows and woods of Schönthal. But not until they familiarize themselves with the abbey, its history and ancient landscape. The collection is growing gradually as a work in progress. 33 works by 23 artists currently line the paths and trails.

The exhibition is situated on a 100-hectare site and can be viewed in around one and a half hours on a pleasant walk. The greater your interest in the art, the more time you should allow to wander around and marvel at the sculptures.

The sculpture park is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Seminar rooms in the former Benedictine abbey promote collective reflection. A hostel is also available for guests to while away the hours undisturbed. Travel by Postbus route 94 until the stop Langenbruck, village.

Art in Schönthal

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Verein Kloster Schönthal
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