Atzmännig (SG)

Recreation for the whole family

The Atzmännig area offers fun and excitement in the great outdoors. The many attractions for adults and children include a 700-meter toboggan run, an amusement park with various activities, a petting zoo, a rope park, and the adventure trail "Männi the Cheeky Sparrow".

The chairlift takes you up to the mid-station, where the toboggan run starts. The adventure trail and a variety of other hiking paths start at the mountain station.

Toboggan Run

Take the chairlift up to the start, hop on a toboggan and zoom down through steep curves and tunnels and across streams all the way back to the valley. You decide how fast you want to go, because the toboggan is easy to accelerate or slow down. Children 8 years and over may ride alone. Children from the age of 3 must be accompanied by an adult.

Rope Park Atzmännig

Eight courses at various heights and different levels of difficulty require skill and coordination. There are two children's courses, equipped with a special safety system, where kids 4 years and over can practice their climbing aptitude.

Amusement Park

The amusement park features a trampoline, the Monza ride, a boat pond, a petting zoo and many other attractions.

Adventure Trail Männi the Cheeky Sparrow 

The adventure trail tells the story of Männi the cheeky sparrow and leads from the mountain station of the chairlift back to the base. The hiking time is approximately 1 hour with eight adventure stations on the way. A book about the story is available at our kiosk.

Atzmännig Lodge

Our rooms are alpine-chic, each with its own special charm, and all with shower, bathroom and many other amenities. We offer a range of overnight options for single guests, couples, weddings, groups or company outings, family celebrations or family holidays with kids. Come and make yourself at home at Atzmännig Lodge.

PODhouses – wooden igloos

The robust wooden PODhouses are small, but cosy, furnished with 2 to 6 beds. You bring your own sleeping bag. Bathroom and showers are available at the campground, about 120 m from the PODhouses, but you won’t have to do without conveniences, such as electricity, light and heating, even here in the great outdoors.

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