Beach chair feeling in Menzberg!

Seven beach chairs offer a unique visual and sound experience

Standing 1,016 m above sea level, the idyllic village of Menzberg is the highest village in the Napf region and boasts an unparalleled 360-degree panoramic view. In both the autumn and winter seasons, beach chairs are positioned at especially beautiful viewpoints.

During the autumn and winter months, Menzberg often sits above a sea of fog. The multi-route hike features seven beach chairs, each positioned at especially beautiful viewpoints to while away the hours. In each beach chair, village stories by Xaver Vogel and background music provide a unique visual and sound experience. The beach chairs are put out from October to March, offering an experience in any weather, and are accessible at any time of day.

A map showing the current locations of the beach chairs can be found at

The multi-route hike begins in the village of Menzberg and ends at the Buchensäge PostBus stop. The hike is easy, takes three hours (without breaks) and is 10 km in length. It’s not suitable for wheelchairs or prams. The beach chair stories last around seven minutes each.

The hike can be shortened to three or six beach chairs. The start and end point are in the village of Menzberg:

  • Tour with three beach chairs: 1 hour without breaks, 3,5 km
  • Tour with six beach chairs: 2.3 hours without breaks, 8.5 km

The Landgasthof Hotel Menzberg and Restaurant Sperber are the ideal places to while away the hours and enjoy yourself. 
Some sections of the hike are also guided and come with refreshments (for groups). For information and reservations, visit

Map of the beach chairs

The map shows the locations of the beach chairs

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Timetable / travel information

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PostBus route no. 60.261

Route open all year

Good train connections from Wolhusen or Willisau to Menznau railway station (“Bahnhof” stop). Change to Postbus route 261 and alight in the village square of Menzberg (“Dorfplatz” stop). Travel time from Menznau to Menzberg is 20 minute

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Wheelchair access to the postbus guaranteed

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Förderverein Menzberg mit Weitsicht
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