Mountain Biking in Val Poschiavo

Adrenaline and culinary delights all wrapped up in one. This biking tour takes you from Bernina Pass south to Poschiavo.

The air atop Bernina Pass is fresh and clean and already touched by a hint of the south. An absolutely marvellous mountain biking tour begins at the Bernina Hospiz building and leads down into Val Poschiavo.

The descent starts out gently, but gradually becomes steeper until you reach Alp Grüm. The downhill ride continues on versatile and exciting trails, always following and sometimes crossing the tracks of the Rhaetian Railways all the way to Poschiavo. The village of Poschiavo offers a wide variety of cultural and culinary highlights. The PostBus will take you back up to Bernina Pass, where you can hop on your bike again to enjoy another ride down to Pontresina. The final downhill ride is a lot of fun and leads through spectacular scenery.

Bernina-Poschiavo Length: 15 km Height difference: 200 m Grade: difficult Bernina–Pontresina Length: 14 km Height difference: 50 m Grade: difficult

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