Bike tour through the Lukmanier Pass

Pass trip off the beaten track

The Lukmanier Pass trip combines a great PostBus excursion with a bike tour through the stunning scenery of the Upper Surselva region.

You begin the trip with a comfortable Postbus journey from Disentis to the Lukmanier Pass. The bike tour commences on the Lukmanier Pass and continues along either the right or left-hand side of the «Lai da Sontga Maria» dam. The left side involves a tricky single trail, while the recommended route to the right of the dam leads along a narrow but relatively easy single trail.  You then join up with the main road for a short way until a feeder road branches off to the left.

The route continues downwards to Sogn Gions. Here, the terrain changes from asphalt roads to specially constructed Alpine paths and technical single trails. There’s a bit of everything on this route. From Curaglia, the route rejoins the Pass road and involves a final short climb back to the village of Disentis with its Benedictine abbey.

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