Binn Valley Nature Park

Valley of hidden treasures

Explore the Binn Valley Nature Park and its hidden treasures

The Binn Valley Nature Park has been a regional park of national importance since 2008. The purpose of the regional nature parks in Switzerland is to harmonize protection and maintenance and the economic developments of attractive landscapes.

Binn Valley is known as the valley “of hidden treasures” and its richness in minerals. Flora and fauna are also exceptionally plentiful in the Binn Valley Nature Park. The villages and hamlets with their sun-darkened houses are so well preserved that their appearance has achieved national and regional recognition. They are situated in an intact cultural landscape which continues to receive optimal devoted care.

What is a regional nature park?

The Binn Valley Nature Park is a “regional nature park of national importance” according to the criteria of the Swiss Nature and Cultural Heritage Protection Act. The objective of regional nature parks is to harmonize the protection, maintenance and economic developments of valuable habitats and attractive landscapes. Agriculture, tourism and commerce should all benefit from the scenic advantages, while at the same time treating them with care. The goal is to achieve an optimal balance between preservation and development.

The direction that developments are taking is controlled by the population of the park and therefore the people are actively involved in the process. The parks contribute to securing the future economic, social and cultural independence of the municipalities and regions.

A label for Swiss parks

In addition to product labeling, such as “AOC” or “organic”, regional labeling is increasingly gaining in importance. Regions like the Binn Valley are hoping for new economic stimulus from labels such as “nature park” or “regional nature park”. For example, the intent is to have wood play a more important role again as a local resource by processing and using it regionally.

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