Biosfera Val Müstair


A small, world-class valley: the landscape around the Convent of St. John, beside the Swiss National Park, has recently been declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

On the banks of the Rom

The hike takes you through impressive river restoration, and in Sta. Maria you can discover the Mall mill and the hand weaving enterprise Tessanda and you can conclude with a visit to the museum in the UNESCO World Heritage St. Johann Monastery.

Highlights along the route

  1. River widening at the Palüds in Fuldera
  2. The Mall mill, Sta. Maria
  3. Tessanda hand weaving Val Müstair
  4. UNESCO World Heritage St. Johann Monastery, Müstair

"Look out for the small blue signposts "A la riva dal Rom" , which are either together with the yellow walking trail signposts or attached to posts at half-height.

Way points:
Post bus stop at Süsom Tschierv, Tschierv Chasuras, "La Stretta" fen, Tschierv Plaz, Orasom Tschierv, Fuldera, Lüsai (as an alternative a less steep ascent can be made by going past the l’Aqua house up to the Runc farm) Valchava, Graveras, Müstair, post bus stop at Müstair clostra."

Journey details

Duration 4 hours
Difficulty easy
Distance 13.2 Kilometres
Altitude difference 650 Metres
Arrival Tschierv ou Müstair
Return travel Müstair Kloster St. Johann

The "A la riva dal Rom" brochure is available at the Center da Biosfera or diverse tourist information counters (cost CHF 8.00).

School classes are able to pick up autodidactic material from the Biosfera-Büro for this hike - and small experiments can be carried out around the Rombach. We’re also happy to offer you competent guided tours through our Perits or Peritas (expert women and men). Special Biosfera lunch packs are also available on order should you wish one.

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Val Müstair
Center da Biosfera
7532 Tschierv

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