Brother Klaus Trail

In the footsteps of Niklaus von Flüe

The Brother Klaus Trail leads from Stans to Flüeli-Ranft and continues to Sachseln. This is the path that Heimo Amgrund followed during the night of 21/22 December 1481 to deliver the advice of Brother Klaus to the council of the Swiss Confederacy. His guidance ultimately helped to bring peace.

The Brother Klaus Trail begins near the church in Stans and leads up Knirigasse to the chapel called “Maria zum Schnee”. A little detour takes you to the monument to the Battle of Allweg, which took place 9 September 1798 and was won by the French.

In St. Niklausen you will see from far away a large un-plastered stone bell tower from the 14th century. This quiet place of reflection is located on a mountain slope with amazing views of Flüeli-Ranft and the Sarner Aa Valley. The steep descent to Ranft way down in the Melchaa Gorge starts right there. Some of the sights to see include the house where Brother Klaus was born as well as his old home. Niklaus von Flüe himself built the home where he lived with his family until he left in 1467 to lead the life of a hermit.


Take the S4 train from Lucerne to Stans and continue on foot to the starting point of the trail near the Catholic church in Stans. At the end of the walk, PostBus route 351 will take you from Flüeli-Ranft to Sachseln. Change to the IR or the S5 train in the direction of Lucerne.

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