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Travel the Brunni Route to discover the pilgrimage site in Einsiedeln and the attractive Mythen summer and winter sports region at the foot of the two Mythen mountains in the heart of Central Switzerland.

Brunni Route, on the condition that the weather forecast for Saturday or Sunday is good, operates every 30 minutes between 15.30 and 17.30 h from Brunni SZ, Talstation LBH to Einsiedeln.

Timetable information for the weekends is available on the Wednesday before at 18.00 h on, or at RailService 0848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/Min). 

The Brunni Route takes you from the Einsiedeln pilgrimage site to Brunni at the foot of the two Mythen mountains, where a variety of activities is available in any season.

As a station of the Way of St. James, with the baroque monastery and the “Black Madonna”, Einsiedeln has been a world-famous pilgrimage site since the Middle Ages. (PostBus stop Einsiedeln, Railway Station). You could take a guided tour of the monastery or visit the minerals or the gingerbread museum. The diorama featuring the world’s largest crèche and a 100-meter panorama painting of the crucifixion of Christ are other highlights.

Einsiedeln offers countless hiking, inline and bike tours. With the ski jump, where international ski jumping teams are training in summer, an extensive network of cross-country ski trails, and a variety of ski lifts, there is plenty to do in winter as well.

Explore the magnificent mountains in the Alpthal/Brunni valley, especially the hike up to the Grosser Mythen mountain is an unforgettable experience. The breathtaking panoramic views on the peak across the mountains and lakes of Central Switzerland, Lake Lucerne, Einsiedeln, and all the way to Lake Zurich is a feast for your eyes. The gondola from Brunni to Holzegg shortens the hiking time to Grosser Mythen mountain by about an hour (change to the gondola at the Brunni SZ, Talstation LBH stop).

The Rotenflue gondola, on the Schwyz side, shortens the hike by about 2 hours. If you prefer to take a circular route, take the gondola to Holzegg and walk to Rotenflue. From there, the new gondola takes you to Rickenbach above Schwyz in just 12 minutes. At the base station, there is a direct bus connection to the railway station in Schwyz.

The Mythen skiing region – 13 lifts for winter pleasures

Charming, family-friendly and relaxing: in the winter, the Mythen region, with 50 km skiable terrain, offers everything you might want in the Alpine foothills. The magical setting with forested slopes makes a ski day an unforgettable nature experience.

With the freestyle park for snowboarders and freestyle skiers and the children’s ski and boarding area on Rotenflue, the Mythen region is perfect for every level.

The Mythen region can be accessed from Brunni-Alpthal (postbus) from Ibergeregg (bus route open only in the summer), Handgruobi (mountain pass Schwyz-Ibergeregg) or from Rickenbach above Schwyz (bus connection) with the new Rotenflue gondola.

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