Culture and leisure immersed in nature just a few minutes from the center of town

Leaving from Lugano, take some time to visit the Capriasca region and its surroundings and enjoy its many attractions.

From the hustle and bustle of downtown Lugano the postbus will take you to the quiet and green surroundings of the Lugano belt which extends as far as Vaglio and Tesserete. On the journey to Capriasca there are numerous stopovers possible. You can spend a pleasant afternoon in the charming Parco Vira di Savosa (bus stop "Savosa, Paese"), or visit the Villa Pia museum in Porza (bus stop "Porza, Paese"), which exhibits works by Erich Lindenberg as well as many young talents from this region. Or, if you are interested in how the RSI studios in Comano work, you can take part in an informative guided tour (bus stop "Comano, Studio TV"). Of course, there are also countless culinary highlights offered by the Grotti of Cureglia (bus stop "Cureglia, Grotti"). The small lake of Origlio (bus stop "Origlio, Paese") is a real jewel surrounded by peat bogs and considered an important part of the regional cultural and natural heritage. 

The discovery tour of the Capriasca region begins in Vaglio (bus stop "Vaglio, Paese"). This village in the municipality of Capriasca with its narrow alleyways was already mentioned as early as the 14th century. A walk through the nearby woods leads to the Redde tower, the only evidence of a vanished village which is brought back to life every year on the occasion of a medieval festival.

Once you arrive in Tesserete (bus stop "Tesserete, Stazione"), you can embark on a 3 hour and 20 minute themed itinerary, the Media Capriasca, which takes you through the countryside and various villages with numerous historical sites. If you prefer to take a ride, choose the Tesserete-Maglio di Colla PostBus route. In Cagiallo (stop in the village or in San Matteo) you can admire various testimonies of the past, such as the washhouse, the press and the old drinking trough as well as the chapel of Santa Lucia in the centre of the village. From the bus stop "Corticiasca, Paese" it takes about two hours to reach the Monte Bar mountain inn, a great place to hike up to at an altitude of 1602 metres with an incomparable panoramic view. 


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Timetable 62.443 route Lugano–Porza–Comano–Tesserete

Bus stops: «Savosa, Paese», «Porza, Paese», «Comano, Studio TV», «Cureglia, Grotti», «Origlio, Paese», «Vaglio, Pasese», «Tesserete, Stazione», «Cagiallo, Paese» o «Cagiallo, San Matteo», «Corticiasca, Paese»


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