The ancient, picturesque village

After winding its way up from Lugano, the postbus reaches the arch at Carona. This charming village has been home to many artists, who have all left their mark.

As in any love story, Carona must first be conquered, but visitors make it up there, it’s they who are bowled over. This is what happened to author Hermann Hesse who often came up from Montagnola, where he lived, to Carona, to whose charm he too succumbed.

The San Grato Park’s first azaleas blossomed in Carona in the 1960s, and its delightful swimming pool in lush green surroundings was opened not long after.

Carona is both easy and conveniently reached by postbus. So they can manoeuvre through the narrow arch, they are equipped with special rear-view mirrors and adjustable trim. Furthermore, in these models, the air conditioning unit is not mounted on the roof, as in other vehicles, but built into the engine compartment.

Once in Carona, the panorama is truly exceptional.

Carona and its surrounding area offer a wealth of possibilities for a totally unforgettable stay. Options include the Calina Observatory, the Six Church Trail or the splendid San Grato Botanic Park, depending on your preferences.


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