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Enjoy this high-alpine panoramic hiking trail through beautiful Val Bregaglia, which continues all the way down to Soglio.

This alpine panoramic hiking trail takes you through stunning scenery from Casaccia to Soglio. Starting out in Casaccia, the trail follows the right-hand side of the valley to the Löbbia reservoir, then continues gently downhill to Barga and through a forest to Roticcio. The views of the Bondasca range after you pass Durbegia are simply breathtaking. A narrow path leads to Pravis and the agricultural buildings of Parlongh. For the most part, the trail remains at a fairly constant altitude until just before you get to Soglio, where it begins to descend more steeply. Emerging out of a craggy landscape, you suddenly find yourself in the lush green meadows of Soglio. Below the village, between Plazza and Castasegna, is Europe’s largest chestnut forest. In the autumn, the scent of the blue smoke from the “cascine” (small huts where chestnuts are dried) permeates the air as it rises up between the reddish-golden leaves of the chestnut trees.

Hiking time: approx. 5 hours
Level of difficulty: medium


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Sentiero Panoramico Val Bregaglia

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Photo: Bregaglia Engadin Turismo