From Cevio to Bosco Gurin

Immerse yourself in Nature

The Cevio–Bosco/Gurin Route takes you from Cevio in the Maggia Valley to Val di Bosco and the Walser community of Bosco/Gurin, where you can catch a glimpse of the Walser culture amidst beautiful scenery in an excellent hiking and skiing area.

Cevio and the Bosco valley display an abundance of cultural, architectural and natural wealth. Start by visiting the Valmaggia museum (bus stop "Cevio, Posta") and then continue along the "Cevio... e gli argini" loop trail, which will lead you to the stone dams that protect the village from the waters of the mountain torrents. Or explore the grottos created by a rockfall by following the "Cevio... e i grotti" circuit.

Then take the postbus further to Bosco Gurin, the highest village in the canton of Ticino (1504 m above sea level). About ten hairpin bends over a distance of only four kilometres separate you from the village of Rovana and the terraced village of Linescio, where you can admire the artistically laid out dry stone walls along the "Linescio... e i terrazzamenti" trail (bus stop "Linescio, Paese").

At the final destination (bus stop "Bosco Gurin, Paese"), the only German-speaking village in Ticino awaits you: Bosco Gurin. The Walserhaus museum and the circular trail "Bosco Gurin...  e i Walser " illustrate the Walser culture which is expressed in the German dialect of the same name. The well-developed network of hiking trails and the breathtaking landscape are only some of the highlights of this region. Discover the pristine nature of the Bosco valley on one of the numerous hiking trails!

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Stops: «Cevio, Posta», «Linescio, Paese»,  «Bosco Gurin, Paese»

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Explore the area of the Cevio-Bosco/Gurin Route on foot on the well-marked hiking trail system.

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