Chärwald Robbers – Adventure Trail

Discover the fabled Chärwald forest in Kerns

The Kernwald forest straddles the border between the two half-cantons of Unterwalden. A prehistoric rockslide on the Stanserhorn created a unique landscape in the Kernwald. Along a well-marked trail, a number of Chärwald Robbers tell their individual stories.

To get there you can leave either from the Stans or the Sarnen railway station. PostBus route 312 departs from both of these stations and travels to the Kerns, Kernwald stop where the adventure of the Chärwald robbers begins.

The trail winds its way past a variety of colourful plant and tree species to Gerzensee. This lake is very special as it has no in- or outflows and is entirely fed by groundwater.

After the hike through the Kernwald, a picnic area with beautiful large tables and an outdoor fireplace invites you to take a well-deserved break and enjoy a barbecue.

The adventure trail is a fun challenge for kids. At each station, they can be active and explore the Chärwald Robber, hunt for items in a hidden treasure chest, build a tower with wooden blocks or throw pine cones at a target.

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Timetable 60.312 Stans–Kerns–Sarnen

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