Chapel Trail Bürglen

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There is a total of 16 chapels in Bürglen. Hike on the specially designed, 10-kilometre Chapel Trail, which takes you past 11 chapels in and around Bürglen.

The 4.5-hour Chapel Trail Bürglen provides a varied and interesting hiking experience around the village of Bürglen, leading past meadows, gardens and homes decorated with flowers. From the PostBus stop “Bürglen UR, Post” walk to the parish church, which will be your starting point. The signposted trail first leads via Obrieden into the Rieder Valley, then to Brügg, into the Spiss, down to Hartolfingen and back to the starting point.

Insider tip: A precious Pietà dating from the 14th century awaits you at the Riedertal Chapel. The Loreto Chapel features old votive paintings inspired by the Italian city of Loreto, and in the Tell’s Chapel you can find the oldest cycle of paintings on the legend of William Tell. The entire Chapel Trail is about 10 kilometres long. It can be shortened, depending on personal interest.

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