Cheisacherturm (Cheisacher Tower)

Observation tower in the Argovia Jurapark

The Cheisacher is an imposing Jura hill in Aargau’s upper Frick Valley. An elaborate wooden tower stands at its highest point, 698 meters above sea level. The panorama from the viewing platform is breathtaking.

A popular hiking area with a marvellous view

The observation tower borders the municipalities of Gansingen, Laufenburg and Mönthal. From the top platform, 722 meters above sea level, you can enjoy a unique view of the region, right across the Alps, the Black Forest and the Vosges. Climbing the tower, the landscape opens up to you, a wide view of diverse nature near and far showcasing the character of the Table Jura in the Aargau region. The Cheisacher is in a popular hiking area, so there are several tracks that lead to the tower. The forests and meadows, different views and peaceful surroundings are the perfect place to unwind at any time of year. The popular Frick Valley mountain trail also passes by here. You will find plenty of rest areas with firepits for picnics on the way up to the Cheisacher Tower. 

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Timetable no. 50.141
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Starting points for hikes to the Cheisacher Tower are the following bus stops: Obersulz, Hauptstrasse (Route 141), Gansingen, Dorfplatz (Route 142), Bürersteig, Passhöhe (Route 142) or Mönthal, Unterdorf (Route 374). The hike is signposted.

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Cheisacher Tower Support Group
Grametstrasse 22
5272 Gansingen