Chemin du Val Terbi

Head off to Montsevelier for an adventurous 11km circular hike via Welschgätterli-Le Champre.

This route along the heights of Val Terbi includes a climb up to the Welschgätterli. The rocky pass is also the border between the linguistic regions. Hikers are treated to panoramic views over the Delémont valley and the regions of Basel and Solothurn. There are several picnic sites along the route which are perfect for a break.

Val Terbi is located to the east of Delémont and is home to small agricultural villages such as Montsevelier which lies in the valley through which a stream of the same name flows. The route starts at the neo-Gothic, neo-Romanesque church which itself is well worth a visit. From there, the route follows the ridge through the forest. Up in the hills, a well-beaten path crosses the delightful pasture of La Chèvre with a magnificent view over Val Terbi.

From Le Champre, the highest point on the route, you descend down a narrow path to the village of Mervelier, located at the very end of Val Terbi. The village of Mervelier extends along the road next to the River Scheulte which drains the region westwards to the River Birs. When you reach the end of the village, the route turns and follows a path through the fields. Here, the view over Val Terbi and the valley opens up once again.

Journey details

Duration 3 hours 50 min
Difficulty easy
Distance 11.0 Kilometres
Altitude difference 680 Metres

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Chemin du Val Terbi
Montsevelier–Welschgätterli–Le Champre–Montsevelier

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