Chur–Bellinzona Route

Chur–S. Bernardino–Bellinzona

The Chur–Bellinzona Route takes you on a historical journey of discovery. Enjoy the smooth ride through contrasting scenery and climatic conditions – and a world rich in cultural variety.

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The Chur–Bellinzona Route leads, from Chur, through Domleschg, the Viamala, the San-Bernardino tunnel and Misox to Bellinzona.

Discover first the extraordinary charm of Chur, Switzerland’s oldest town. Shortly after Reichenau you come to the broad Domleschg valley region, home to the largest number of castles in any one place throughout Europe. After Thusis, sidetrack with a visit to view the raging waters of Viamala Gorge, you won’t regret it! World-renowned is also the St. Martin’s church in Zillis (PostBus stop, Zillis, posta).

Indulge in wellbeing at the Andeer resort with a mineral bath, sidetrack to Juf, highest-lying community in Europe populated year-round, or get closer to marmots on the Avers trail (PostBus stop Andeer, Tgavugl). From here the wild and rugged Roffla Gorge winds its way up to Rheinwald. The Crestawald castle museum is also worth a visit (PostBus stop, Sufers) – reached after an approximately twenty-minute march on foot. Splügen warms hearts with its tidy villages and the winter promise of snow in skiing areas (PostBus stop, Splügen, Post). From here the way leads inside the famous San Bernardino Tunnel – or over the top of it between June and October – alternatively, you can switch transport and travel the Splügen Pass, direction Chiavenna.

From here the way leads through the amazing San-Bernardino Tunnel – and those keen to do the trip over the top should postpone a trip until between mid-June and mid-October – after which, you find yourself at the heart of a beautiful region for snowshoeing, mountain tours, hikes and source of pure and healthy mineral water (PostBus stop San Bernardino, Posta). And let’s not forget cultural treasures such as the San Martino church or the Burgkastell in Mesocco (PostBus stop Mesocco, Stazione). Following Grono, starting point for hikes in the wild and romantic Val Calanca; you then reach the valley bottom. And Bellinzona naturally greets you with its characteristic hospitality and warmth… and views of the famous three castles that also share a place on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

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