Churfirsten Route

Nesslau–Wildhaus–Buchs SG

With the majestic Churfirsten mountain range on one side, striking Mt. Säntis on the other, the Churfirsten Route takes you through the beautiful Obertoggenburg Valley from Nesslau to Buchs in the St. Gallen Rhine Valley.

Take the Churfirsten Route to enjoy the hiking and sledding paradise of the Toggenburg. The area between Mt. Säntis and Churfirsten offers a wide range of activities.

In Nesslau you could visit the old bone mill or the baroque monastery church (PostBus stop Nesslau-Neu St.Johann, Railway Station). You can walk from Nesslau to Wildhaus on the Toggenburg High Trail. A gondola takes you from Alt St. Johann to the Alp Sellamatt skiing and hiking area (PostBus stop Alt St. Johann, Post Office). At the "Klangschmiede" sound-making workshop in Alt St. Johann, you can experience the art of making bells, gongs and other sound-making objects first-hand (PostBus stop Alt St. Johann, Dorf). Experience the impressive display of the Thur waterfalls near Unterwasser. Unterwasser and Wildhaus are gateways to several excellent skiing and hiking areas (PostBus stops Unterwasser, Post Office and Wildhaus, Lisighaus). Visit the birthplace of Swiss reformer Zwingli in family-friendly Wildhaus (PostBus stop Wildhaus, Lisighaus). Werdenberg with its medieval wooden settlement and the castle reflected in the lake is a very attractive place. On the Path of the Senses along the lake you learn to sharpen your perception. Stop at the Schlangenhaus museum for information about the culture of the region. In the Birds of Prey Park in Buchs the entire family can observe countless bird species from around the world (PostBus stop Buchs St Gallen, Werdenberg).

With its Holiday for All (Ferien für Alle) project, Toggenburg offers a broad range of tourist and leisure activities for people with disabilities. Service providers and accommodations help ensure a barrier-free holiday experience. More Info

Wanderlust: hiking along the young Thur river

The walk along the Thur river takes you through picturesque and ever-changing scenery. It starts in Unterwasser, always accompanied by the gentle burble of the river, and continues via Chlostobel to Alt St.Johann. Following the right side of the stream, the path leads to Starkenbach, through the narrow part of the valley and past former Starkenstein castle. Continue through Bratzenmoos along the rugged Thur ravine where the forest is teeming with plants that thriving in the moist environment. After passing three waterfalls and a small power plant the village of Nesslau will soon come into sight.

Hike starting in Unterwasser (start and end also possible along the way):

  • Unterwasser-Starkenbach: 1.5 hrs., wheelchair-accessible
  • Starkenbach-Nesslau: 2.5 hrs.

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